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Industrial High Capacity Paper Shredders


Heavy duty and high capacity industrial shredders, hopper shredders, and shredders with conveyor systems.

For companies looking for FACTA compliance, an industrial cross cut shredder is a worthwhile solution. We provide a huge selection of high speed, large capacity paper shredders with conveyors and even industrial paper shredders with magnetic seperators to isolate metal waste from paper. You will be able to save vast amounts of man hours with our high speed industrial paper shredders.

Available in both cross cut and strip cut, our national brands, MBM, Intimus, Schleicher, and Ameri-Shred provide a wide variety of industrial shredders to meet your needs. If you need to shred a large quantity of paper, 3 ring binders, telephone books, CDs, or cassette tapes, then consider our large selection of heavy duty paper shredders or Industrial Shredders.

Want to create your own free packaging material? With a PacMaster Cardboard Shredder, you can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by making recyclable material. Benefit your bottom line by investing in one of our heavy duty paper shredders or industrial paper shredders.

Shreddermagination® - No One Can Compare! Pull yourself up with a high level discussion of paper shredders and gain real understanding of suitable paper shredders for your needs. Our company is on top of all the features of paper shredding machines and will lead you to be in high command of your investment decision. We simplify the complex allowing optimal selections within the shredder purchasing matrix.

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Products 1-22 of 22