GSA Contract# GS-02F-0179S
Proton Engineering Model 2070 Degausser/Eraser System

Proton Engineering Model 2070 Degausser/Eraser System

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Part Number: AABES 2070 DEGAUSSER   Brand Name: Proton

The Proton 2070 is a safe, shielded device. Unlike other degaussers with "bare" magnets, the 2070 cannot accidentally ruin other magnetic media that may be near. The 2070 does not require a skilled operator to insure proper declassification of the target data. A simple pass through the 2070 insures complete, effective erasure.

Completely degausses:

ZIP 100 MB & 250 MB, Travan TR-3 (4/8 GB) TR-#, TR-1, 4 & 8 mm DLT, all 3" and 5" floppys, 120 MB Super Floppy, Jazz 1 & 2 GB Disks, RDAT 4 & 8 mm, all Phillips-type cassettes, CLIK disks, Magnus carts, Standard data carts, and any Type I, II or III media.. Maximum defense in floppy diskette and data cartridge control is the Proton Engineering Model 2070 Degausser/Eraser.

Magnetic Performance Data Specifications:
Actual gap dim: 1.125''
Peak Flux at gap: 12,000 Gauss Transverse
Mimimum Flux at gap: 6,000 Gauss Longitudinal
Average Flux outside case: Less than 5 Gauss
Maximum Flux outside case: Less than 10 Gauss
Erasure level: - 90 Db. or Better coercivity (Type III density) below peak write level
Frame Material: Carbon Fiber
Color: Black/Silver
Size: 8"L x 3"H x 9"W
Weight: 22 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 22.6 lbs.
Shipping Size: 13L x 7.75H x 13W
Peak Flux: 8000 Gauss
Power Requirement: None - Fixed High Energy Magnetic Field
23 Lbs
Acceptable Media:
120 MB Super Floppy Disks, 3" Floppy Disks, 5" Floppy Disks, 8mm DLT, CLIK Disks, Jazz 1 GB Disks, Jazz 2GB Disks, Magnus Carts, Phillips-Type Cassettes, RDAT 4mm, RDAT 8mm, Standard data carts, TR-1, Travan TR-3 (4/8 GB) TR-#, Type I Media, MediaType II Media, MediaType III Media, ZIP 100 MB, ZIP 250 MB
Erasure Level:
90 Db or Better Coercivity
Magnetic Field Stength:
12,000 Gauss Transverse
Maximum Flux:
8,000 Gauss
Minimum Flux:
Less than 5 Gauss
Power Requrements:
None - Fixed High Energy Magnetic Field
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