GSA Contract# GS-02F-0179S
Kobra 460 AP 18'' Automatic Guillotine Cutter

Kobra 460 AP 18'' Automatic Guillotine Cutter

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    Part Number: KOB 460-AP TRIMMER   Brand Name: Kobra

    Safety features include:

    • Adjustable back gauge
    • Carbon hardened steel precision blade and counter-blade
    • Solid steel base with screen printed paper sizes in mm. and inches
    • High quality materials according to ISO 9000 Standards
    • Built in accordance to the Safety Standards BS 5498
    • High precision gear driven front paper bar for perfect paper alignment and cutting accuracy
    • Innovative automatic and progressive paper press
    • Special transparent Lexan built-in hand safety guard
    Cutting Width: 18 inches
    Cutting Capacity: Up to 27 sheets

    The Kobra model 460 AP autoamtic guillotine cutter with gear driven front paper bar features an automatic paper press to hold the material in place for an accurate cut. The Kobra 460-AP cutter is equipped with a high precision gear driven paper stop. This accessory on Kobra model 460-AP guarantees identical size of the cut material time after time. Clear hand safety guide, Carbon hardened blades, automatic paper press, precise gear driven paper stop and a steel base, the Kobra model 460-AP is the state of the art in lever type cutter technology.

    The Kobra 460-AP cutter cuts:

    • Paper
    • Light cardboard and heavy cardboard
    • Carton
    • Celluloid
    • Labels
    • Felt
    • Acrylic fibers
    • Photographic film
    • PVC film
    • Rubber
    • Metal
    • Neoprene
    • Nylon
    • Cork sheets
    • Sponge
    • Cotton tissue
    • Tissue
    • Acetate tissue

    Cutting paper, photographs and many other hobby and professional materials is now easier with the new state of the art technology of Guillotines and rotary trimmers from Kobra. The cut is accurate, quick, burr-free and in both directions. Rotary trimmers are mainly used to cut paper, photographs, film or foil. Guillotines are designed for almost any cutting job and for a variety of materials.

    18 Lbs
    Acceptable Material:
    Acetate Tissue, Acrylic Fibers, Carton, Celluloid, Cork Sheets, Cotton Tissue, Felt, Heavy Cardboard, Labels, Light Cardboard, Metal, Neoprene, Nylon, Photographic Film, PVC Film, Rubber, Sponge, Tissue
    Clamping Style:
    Automatic Paper Clamp
    Cutting Capacity:
    Up to 27 Sheets
    Cutting Length:
    Cutting Operation:
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