GSA Contract# GS-02F-0179S
Kobra 460-A

Kobra 460-A Automatic Paper Press Guillotine Cutter

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    Part Number: KOB A 460-A   Brand Name: Kobra

    Cool Features:

    • Innovative automatic and progressive paper press
    • Special transparent Lexan built-in hand safety guard
    • Adjustable back gauge
    • Carbon hardened steel precision blade and counter blade
    • Solid steel base with screen printed paper sizes in mm. and inches
    • High quality materials according to ISO 9000 Standards.

    The Kobra 460 A cutter cut:

    • Paper
    • Light cardboard and heavy cardboard
    • Carton
    • Celluloid
    • Labels
    • Felt
    • Acrylic fibers
    • Photographic film
    • PVC film
    • Rubber
    • Metal
    • Neoprene
    • Nylon
    • Cork sheets
    • Sponge
    • Cotton tissue
    • Tissue
    • Acetate tissue

    High performances desk-top guillotine with automatic paper press. Equipped with the innovative "SUPER CUT" system featuring special carbon hardened steel blades and counter-blades unaffected by the wearing action of the materials to cut, for long-lasting cutting operations with the same cutting precision through the years.

    15 Lbs
    Acceptable Material:
    Acetate Tissue, Acrylic Fibers, Carton, Celluloid, Cork Sheets, Cotton Tissue, Felt, Heavy Cardboard, Labels, Light Cardboard, Metal, Neoprene, Nylon, Photographic Film, PVC Film, Rubber, Sponge, Tissue
    Clamping Style:
    Automatic Paper Clamp
    Cutting Capacity:
    Up to 27 Sheets
    Cutting Length:
    Cutting Operation:
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